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Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are predicted to change the way workers get their job done. They allow technicians and engineers to view asset information, images, video and work procedures relating to the asset they are looking at projected on the inside of their safety glasses, handsfree and asset specific. They also allow offsite and in-office experts to use remote adviser video calling functionality whereby they can see what the field technician is seeing and can augment their vision to guide them on how to fix a problem.

Patrick Liddy is a confident and energetic speaker having spoken on this and other industry issues for over 15 years in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Now focused on this nascent technology which is going to become a major issue for all industries, he has become is an expert and thought leader in the space and is working with industry to implement projects in the Utility, High-Value Manufacturing, and Data Centre Space.

Let us partner with you to deliver training courses either online or in person. We tailor each course for your needs and offer an engaging mix of theory, case studies and demonstrations. 

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