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AR Glasses Enabling Socially Distant Training Support

Training of new staff has become difficult with current social distancing rules. It is harder to direct and observe while ensuring safety and knowledge transfer. Quarantine rules are also making solutions difficult where travel is required to facilitate training.

While web-based training and online meetings are great tools in this situation, our customers have found calls and training procedures using AR headsets to be invaluable. They can facilitate:

  • Demonstrations by the trainer where they wear the AR headset and each trainee can observe exactly what they are doing and seeing. Trainees can ask questions as the procedure unfolds.

  • Video-based training procedures on the AR headsets for the trainee to "see and do" each step with verification.

  • Competency tests of the trainee who is wearing the headset and where the trainer can see what they are doing and provide feedback & advice in real-time.

You can watch our training video below to see how UtilityAR Software enable socially distant remote support.

Our customers are implementing successful new ways of training in these challenging times. They also are seeing an opportunity of providing efficiencies into the future with this new way of working. If we can help you with similar problems, please get in touch:


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