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Augmented Reality Shaping Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in 2019

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Digitisation and analytics are key in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Augmented Reality (AR) is moving rapidly from its current novelty type status, into a more mainstream and practical uptake for business applications - specifically within the pharmaceutical industry.

With AR technology, you can overlay digital information in real-time, on top of the physical surroundings - never disturbing the users view of their own environment. In many ways, AR is the ideal solution to many challenges associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing settings. In an environment where high levels of controls and standards are required, check-ups on complex equipment operations and continuous maintenance and system health checks are required, coupled with increased automation, it is no wonder that AR technology is rapidly becoming adopted within the pharmaceutical industry.

With AR, a systems engineer can walk freely around a facility and receive notifications in real-time, in a highly natural way, as system-generated data from a variety of sources is relayed through the headset. The AR technology brings a new meaning to the concept of manufacturing control. For example, as an engineer is walking through a facility wearing a headset, he may be alerted about a glitch in process equipment, or of an instrument that is showing signs of requiring preventative maintenance. This leads to errors being caught and addressed in advance, leading to lower costs and tremendous gains in efficiency.

Unlike virtual reality (VR) technology, AR headsets are easily adopted and information can be uploaded and downloaded from them quickly and easily. The technology can provide an array of functions that offer many benefits to pharma manufacturing engineers, such as remote adviser assistance, health and safety training and procedure following, hazard zone mapping and asset maintenance and management.

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