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Augmented Reality Solutions for Work Procedures

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Paper based work procedures have been the norm in many industries for a long time but they present significant drawbacks where records are required, notes taken need to be relayed to others, or updates to procedures need to circulated. Additionally, in many circumstances there simply isn’t a good place to leave them while doing work, leading to poor adherence.

Similarly tablet based procedures have the same drawback relating to where to locate the tablet while the work is being done and so adherence to the procedure is limited. They therefore require the worker to travel back and forth between the area where work is being done and where the tablet is located to follow the procedure properly, which is monotonous and time consuming. Ultimately it may lead to corners being cut and the procedure not being followed correctly.

Often, procedures of these types are not used in real-time, rather they are “tick box” exercises which are carried out after the work is completed.

Augmented Reality Glasses Solution

Augmented Reality glasses-based solutions are different. Firstly they use the forward-facing camera to automatically recognise an asset being worked on and to validate that it is the correct asset. Context-relevant work instructions allow technicians to speed up processes by reducing the need to look up reference material. The procedure is delivered handsfree and when they need it. Procedural steps can be delivered in the form of images, drawings, video or 3D hologram, allowing for better detail to be provided to the worker as well as removing the need for translations and local adaptation. Finally they standardise the quality of work and validate that it has been completed safely and correctly by allowing the worker to take video and pictures while they are doing the task.

Connect to your existing database

Generally speaking AR software can be linked to an existing SAP, IBM Maximo, Service Now or other ERP asset and maintenance management system. Alternatively, a simple database on the software providers own servers can facilitate a Proof of Concept project. AR projects are regularly cited as a important reason for investment in database management projects.

Procedure related benefits:

·Improved adherence to work procedures, made possible by having the procedure to hand while doing the task

·Error avoidance: again due to having procedure steps to hand at the right time

·Process time reduction: reduction in need to return to computer/tablet to check procedure

·Procedure following during high pressure situations: better form factor for staff in high pressure situations such as during a power failure etc

·Procedure validation: using the camera to record images/video during procedure

·Time management of work procedures: recording of timing of each step allows better time management of future work procedures

·Training and work procedures: better form factor for recording procedures or training staff on new procedures

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