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BioVerda Power Systems Use Augmented Reality To Improve Functionality

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


Established in 1996, BioVerda Power Systems operate gas and diesel engines across nine sites nationwide. BioVerda were looking for solutions that would enable them to maintain the operations of their Galway based site, without the need for full-time engineers. With their main office located in Dublin, it was critical they maintain their high-safety and maintenance standards while reducing the time required on site.


1 - Training

Dealing with complex machinery, training at BioVerda is highly important. Using Augmented Reality, they reduced training process times and ensured learning outcomes continued after the training period. UtilityAR Solutions now allow more experienced members of the BioVerda team to communicate their knowledge and problem-solving skills to less experienced workers from any location. Read more about Augmented Reality Training here.

2 - Remote Adviser

BioVerda’s Galway site is a considerable distance from their head office in Dublin. When the site encounters issues, an engineer must visit the site, causing significant downtime and a backlog of work. UtilityAR’s ‘Remote Adviser’ is providing Augmented Reality solutions, allowing an expert engineer to communicate with the on-site operators, reducing downtime and fixing the problem sooner for BioVerda. Read more about Augmented Reality 'Remote Adviser' here.

Worker using Augmented Reality Glasses for Remote Eyes
Remote Adviser Functionality with Augmented Reality Glasses.

“In BioVerda, we know Augmented Reality will be helpful to our business. It will help

us to improve our uptime, improve our training, and improve our response to

unscheduled outages. We also believe that it will improve the maintenance on our remote sites.”

- Donal O'Cinneide, BioVerda Power Systems.


UtilityAR Solutions are offering better operational practices for energy and utility sectors. Using Augmented Reality software, BioVerda Power Systems have reduced downtime, reduced call- outs, improved training procedures and ensures a higher-level of maintenance coverage. UtilityAR Solutions are driving essential elements of the company to deliver savings in time and costs. Watch the BioVerda Case Study video here.

Visit our website for more information on how Augmented Reality Solutions can be applied to your business!


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