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Dude, Where is my AR Headset?

Updated: May 14, 2021

Patrick Liddy, MD at UtilityAR, explains why the slow evolution of consumer Augmented Reality (AR) hardware is not a concern when deploying the technology in industrial sectors.

With the release of Magic Leap, Hololens 2 from Microsoft and now Apple’s patent on a new AR hardware device, we are being treated to a flurry of new designs and new thinking in headset development. However, with these new announcements, there has also been renewed frustration that headset development isn’t coming quick enough.

The frustration is real, however, we need to add context to those thoughts.

As a company involved in providing AR to companies we’ve seen the movement of improvement when it comes to hardware, all be it slowly. While there is a degree of frustration around this from tech enthusiasts and consumer AR supporters, we also need to look at it from a very different point of view.

The industries that bring AR into their companies now will find it much easier to move as the technology matures.

When this adoption is coupled with high value real valuable use cases at this early stage, the benefit is magnified. Those that hold out will find it a very expensive game to play catch up in the future. If industries come on board with this technology now it will make it much easier to integrate new technologies as the layers of augmented reality build on top of each other. It allows them to begin or accelerate the digitisation of their data and record keeping as well as creating the processes that will stand to them in the future.

As we build the software of the now and the future, we are confident that the technology will only get better. This is the worst it’s ever going to be, but maybe that’s just what it needs. Where it is sufficient for today's needs, that provides an exciting opportunity, and one our customers are taking advantage of.

Patrick Liddy,

MD, UtilityAR


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