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How Do Augmented Reality Glasses Work?

Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses are internet-connected devices that can be used to visualize the world in an augmented way. AR glasses are used in many industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and utilities to innovate and improve industrial operations.

UtilityAR software works with all types of glasses which have the following 3 features.

Transparent Glass

Augmented Reality Glasses generally have clear transparent glass which means the wearer is predominantly seeing the real world and so remains aware of their surroundings. In addition, the glasses will fail safe if there is any technical problem encountered (the technician can still see his/her surroundings). There are important safety features for our target market.

Forward Facing Camera

Forward facing cameras that allow the glasses to understand their surroundings (object or QR Code recognition) are included. They also allow the glasses to take images or video and broadcast that media to a remote location.

Visualisation of Text/Data/Images for the wearer

AR glasses allow the wearer to see information/media projected on transparent glass or on a small screen in front of them, and so allow us to show the wearer relevant information to help them get their job done.

Visit our website for more information and request a live demo or call from UtilityAR to see how Augmented Reality solutions can be applied to your business and deliver savings in time, maintenance and cost.


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