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Protecting From Covid-19 Outbreaks

The safety-first approach and vigilance of our colleagues is wonderful to see as we try to protect each other and our businesses from Covid-19. Despite that, we have seen some high profile outbreaks lately causing mini lockdowns and disruptions. 

With our Augmented Reality solution, we can help to manage interaction at a distance and so mitigate against travel and close contact reducing the risk of infection.

Augmented Reality Glasses and Remote Adviser Video Calling software provides a proven alternative for many international trips. With Augmented Reality Glasses, workers can do Remote Adviser video calls with their international colleagues to avoid the need for travel, and so reduce the related risks. Their colleagues can see live video and sound of what is happening onsite from the AR glasses on their computer screen, and to draw annotations on the vision of the glasses wearer to help them diagnose and resolve issues immediately.

Training, troubleshooting and tasks can be completed independently while on a video call or by following a video-based procedure on an AR headset. All this information can also be used to improve your knowledge base and move to a more digitally integrated work environment.


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