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Reduced Staffing During Corona Lockdown

Do you have a business continuity plan in the event of a key staff member being quarantined and unable to come to site? Many of our customers are having concerns about the challenge of maintaining their business due to lockdown related restrictions while also safeguarding the health of their staff.

Our Augmented Reality Glasses Video Calling solution enables an experienced staff member or vendor to see what an onsite worker is seeing and provide support to them without traveling. UtilityAR Remote Adviser software provides a proven alternative for many international trips. With Augmented Reality Glasses, workers can do Remote Adviser video calls with their international colleagues to avoid the need for travel, and so reduce the related risks. Their colleagues can see live video and sound of what is happening onsite from the AR glasses on their computer screen, and to draw annotations on the vision of the glasses wearer to help them diagnose and resolve issues immediately.

We're here to help if you think this could be of use to your team and can deploy a project within days. We are also available to talk about ideas and practices that will help at this difficult time. If you want to find out how Augmented Reality applications can help your business, email us at


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