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Remote FATs Using AR with Current Travel Restrictions

Certain planned activities such as Factory Acceptance Tests are proving difficult due to the inability to travel to site. Of course, safety of boths sets of staff takes precedence which means equipment deliveries are being delayed.

As we're all adapting to a new working environment Augmented Reality is proving to be one of the top technologies in enabling change. We are working with our clients to give them the ability to perform FATs remotely. Their technical staff are able to dial in to view, direct & question while the testing is being carried out in real time. All with a first person view of what is happening at each step of the process.

Watch our video below to see how UtilityAR Remote Adviser software can give you the ability to perform FATs remotely.

We can deploy a system for your site in days. Send us an email to arrange a call or an online demo:


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