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The Next Normal for Industry

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

It has always been true that changing the way we work has always been a cumbersome process, especially when we work in larger organisations. One recent positive is that some outmoded work practices have been forced to change in a short timeframe. We see that we have the technology to enable home based work. In many cases what has been holding us back is culture, not technology.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years of Industry 4.0; automation, the connected worker, IOT connecting everything in real time with AI driving the efficiency of machines and work practices. In many cases the technology is far beyond what industry realises and it is providing benefits to the few who are actively embracing this innovation curve. 

We have seen the videos of 3D models being reactive in real time through an AR headset with beautiful graphics. There are also steps on the curve towards this reality which encompass AR remote support video calls and AR video-based procedures with verification. The office remote working revolution has happened in the last number of months. Now the industrial remote working revolution is well underway. We have little option but to embrace the next normal, but the great news is that the technology is here, is proven and is ready to deploy.

You can watch our industry overview below to learn about more about the industry use cases of Augmented Reality.

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