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Training with Augmented Reality

With an increase in the rate at which new workers join organisations, the need for scalable training solutions has never been greater. Further issues are the requirement to provide standardisation and documentation related to training. A further issue is restrictions on training related travel, meaning that alternatives need to be found.

Status Quo

Shadowing a worker to train them is the best solution to providing training, but it is extremely time consuming and inefficient. It requires a productive worker to spend their time training rather than getting their job done. A further issue is that it is not standardised, poor practices are perpetuated between staff and some workers may just be poor trainers. While it remains an important element of training, particularly at the early stages, companies need to find a better solution.

Classroom training of workers is unengaging and yields poor results. It is also time consuming, particularly for field workers who are not based in the office and it also has the problem that there may be a long period between the time the training is provided and when it will be used. That said it is the best traditional way to deliver large volumes of basic training which involves text etc.

Training with Augmented Reality glasses allows a worker to view training instructions (pre-defined or provided by a live instructor) while they are at the physical location where they will be required to do the work. This immersive experience provides far better levels of engagement as well as being more time efficient and easier to document. Furthermore they can be assisted or assessed by a remote adviser using remote adviser video calling if required. Finally they can complete the actual tasks using the Augmented Reality Procedure Following system discussed above. This provides a unified training system and simplifies documentation while also giving the trainee a more engaging experience, leading to better results.

Benefits of Training with AR

·Reduced travel

·Improved record keeping

·Greater staff engagement

·Superior knowledge retention

·Linked to real work procedure delivery system

·Reduced need for language localisation

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