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Using Augmented Reality to Improve Manufacturing Processes

Updated: May 22, 2019

The benefits of using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in manufacturing is still relatively unexplored. Although the technology has become widely popular in other verticals, manufacturing has not yet embarked on exploring the full potential of AR technology. Various innovative features of the technology have the potential to transform the manufacturing industry, providing multiple benefits to organisations.


Manufacturing companies spend significant resources training new employees. With Augmented Reality, the new employee can see the step by step processes and procedures on their glasses while in the field. This kind of hands-on learning ensures shorter training times and higher knowledge retention. It also makes sure they learn the right procedures for the right situations and have a resource that can walk them through processes should they be unsure of how to do them.

Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing
Hands on learning brings shorter training times and higher knowledge retention

Process Information:

Augmented Reality can allow staff to see real-time production data while they are walking through the production environment. This data can help to identify issues in production more quickly and improve quality. It helps in making sure that problems are identified quickly in the manufacturing process and allows staff to better visualise exactly what is happening in real-time. It can also ensure that workers are following the correct processes or adhering to important health and safety procedures.


AR tools allow remote expert to visually communicate with on site workers through their glasses to show them how a problem may be solved. Visual and oral communication allows the experts to relay the required information in real-time to workers to resolve the issue promptly. Many manufacturing facilities have machinery that requires engineers from outside to assist with their maintenance and servicing. Augmented Reality allows the company to call an expert, show them where the problem is and get walked through how best to deal with it. The company no longer has to wait days for action to be taken. In just a few hours, the company can be working on solutions saving you time and money

Maintenance and Quality:

Time is money and downtime can cost a manufacturing company a large amount for every minute it occurs. Augmented Reality makes sure the checks and procedures necessary to avoid downtime are followed to ensure a proactive approach maintenance. Augmented Reality Glasses can be used by a worker to complete step by step procedures which include images and video of the tasks they need to complete, all while hands free and getting the job done. Additionally, they can record timestamped images and video as proof that the work has been completed correctly.

Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions for Manufacturing
Augmented Reality makes sure the checks and procedures necessary to avoid downtime are followed


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