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UtilityAR Screen Sharing Feature

UtilityAR Remote Adviser video call can save hours of travel and allows the most qualified and experienced person to weigh in on a problem whenever required.

Augmented Reality glasses allows a remote adviser to see what a local technician is seeing through the headset forward facing camera and, very importantly, to provide guidance to them audibly and using onscreen mark-ups (visible on the glasses of the local technician), while the technician is present and has their hands available to take the actions required to fix the problem. It can work with any type of document.

• Onsite worker wears glasses, views problem area and calls Remote Adviser (RA) for assistance

• RA sees what worker is seeing on their laptop/phone

• RA can draw on the vision of the worker in real-time

• RA can speak to worker to explain next steps

Visit our website for more information on how Augmented Reality Solutions can be applied to your business!

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