Key Staff Quarantined – Remote Support 

Provide Expert Guidance at Any Moment

Do you have a business continuity plan in the event of a key staff member being quarantined and unable to come to site? Remote Adviser Video calling using Augmented Reality Glasses will allow them to see what an onsite technician is seeing and to give advice on how to fix any problems that come up.


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Mitigate Coronavirus Risk with AR

Remote Adviser Video Calling

Augmented Reality Glasses and Remote Adviser Video Calling software provides a proven alternative for many international trips. With Augmented Reality Glasses, workers can do Remote Adviser video calls with their international colleagues to avoid the need for travel, and so reduce the related risks. Their colleagues can see live video and sound of what is happening onsite from the AR glasses on their computer screen, and to draw annotations on the vision of the glasses wearer to help them diagnose and resolve issues immediately.

Remote Adviser allows a more experienced person to use the forward facing camera of a pair of augmented reality smart glasses to see what the local technician is seeing and to provide feed-back to them on next steps audibly, using onscreen mark ups or sharing their desktop while they are present and have their hands available to take the actions required to fix the problem.

The function can save hours of travel and allows the most qualified and experienced person to weigh in on a problem whenever required.


Some users may wish to leave a headset on the site of a piece of critical infrastructure so a remote expert can complete a full inspection with the assistance of any local technician or contractor.

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UtilityAR can deploy a Remote Support project in days.

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