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Augmented Reality for Life Sciences

Remote Adviser Video Calling

Within life sciences industries, multi-site organisations waste a lot of time and money by struggling to get the correct people to the correct places. 

Remote adviser function allows a remote expert to use the on-board camera of the augmented reality headset to see what the local technician is seeing and to provide feed-back to them on next steps audibly, using onscreen mark-ups or sharing the experts screen while they are present and have their hands available to take the actions required to fix the problem.

Remote Adviser

Remote Adviser

Play Video

Procedure Following

Augmented Reality allows you to set out clearly detailed work instructions to your technicians in a hands-free way while they are completing a task. The instructions can include text, images, video and real-time data.

Work instructions allow technicians to be trained much more quickly while reducing mistakes and providing tractability. They also assist workers in speeding up their process and reduce the need for looking up reference material.

Through AR, companies can streamline their processes and procedures in order to better manage their time and labour allocation