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The Next Wave in Computer User Interface for Industry

Request a Free Live Demo and see how UtilityAR use Augmented Reality Solutions to Help Manufacturing, Utility, Pharmaceutical and Data Centre Industries improve Efficiency and Reduce Time, Maintenance & Cost.


30 minutes for all the info you need. We believe in Augmented Reality, let's show you why!

Our AR Experts are waiting to demonstrate how AR Solutions can be applied to your Business!
What is covered?

What is Augmented Reality?

Introduction to Augmented Reality for Industry.

Use cases in Utilities and Industry.

Real Issues Faced Today.

Overview of Costing and Implementation.

Demo & Testing.

What are the Benefits?

Faster and Enhanced Training of Personnel.

Performance of Advanced/New Tasks.

Identification of Defects.

Faster and Enhanced Maintenance Support.

Increased Control and Safety.

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