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Remote Adviser | Data Centres

Data Centres regularly provide a remote hands function to managers of the equipment co-located on their sites.  This can involve lots of phone calls and unclear descriptions of what actions to be taken. This functionality allows a remote adviser to use the on-board camera of the augmented reality headset to see what the local technician is seeing and to provide feed-back to them on next steps audibly, using onscreen mark ups or sharing the experts screen while they are present and have their hands available to take the actions required to take fix the problem.

Asset and Maintenance Management

The asset maintenance and management function allows you to set out the maintenance tasks and the related data required by the technician within the field of vision of the headset wearer while leaving him or her hands free to take on their task. If also means that the technician can log or review their work by automatically taking pictures and videos of the assets they encounter.

Training and On-boarding in Data Centres

Training and on-boarding of new technicians and engineers can be a costly and time consuming task for manufacturing organisations. Augmented Reality headsets can be used to reduce this significantly by facilitating accelerated learning and moving much of the asset specific information the technician needs to be familiarised with to the headset.

UtilityAR helps the Data Centre Industry to Reduce Errors, Improve Efficiency and Save Costs.

CIX Data Centre

Remote Eyes and Augmented Reality Training at Cork Internet Exchange Data Centre.

Jerry Sweeney, Managing Director at CIX explains how UtilityAR helps provide the extremely high-level of service required by their customers and enhances their employee training programs.

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