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System Integration

Technology offers many exciting benefits and opportunities and benefits. The complex systems integration challenges presented in their implementation however present a significant barrier to organisations. Multiple stakeholders such as external partners, suppliers, and customers must also be considered. UtilityAR’s systems integration specialists can help companies manage the complexity inherent with technology and solve business challenges through the integration of technology — as discrete services or comprehensive solutions. We offer both advisory and implementation services to help companies better manage their technology organizations and portfolio of technology assets.

Project Management

UtilityAR’s Project Management Team can help you control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle to keep it on track and delivering against its objectives. The team is particularly helpful in large system integration projects and in supporting technology transformation.

System Design

UtilityAR can help your organisation to assess your goals, requirements and existing technologies with a view to designing the best approach and solution for your needs. Above all, your organization’s technology systems should support your business needs. UtilityAR provides a custom system design service that approaches complex and multidimensional IT challenges from a business perspective.

System Development

Many IT systems require bespoke development to ensure that the optimal outcome is achieved for the requirements of your company. UtilityAR can provide these services for a clear budget, delivering as required and on time.



Testing is where IT and business meet. As businesses continue to grow, it becomes ever more essential — and ever more challenging — to have business applications support multiple business units with sufficient maturity and robustness. Centralized testing services are helping many organizations achieve this goal while controlling business risks.

Solution & Platform Integration / Middleware

Middleware may be a required link between your technology operating systems and the applications your business relies on every day. UtilityAR’s Integration and Middleware services cover the whole value chain relating to the definition and deployment of integration and middleware architectures. 

Application Architecture

Assisting clients with application architecture design, assessment and optimization including definition, documentation and implementation of new application architectures; review and evaluation of key attributes of existing application architectures and, recommendation and validation of improvements to existing Application Architectures.

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