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Cork Internet Exchange Uses Augmented Reality To Build Customer Resilience

Updated: May 22, 2019

Cork Internet Exchange uses AR to become a more effective company

The Challenge

When UtilityAR sat down with Cork Internet Exchange, there were several challenges set by their Managing Director Jerry Sweeney. They wanted to use Augmented Reality help with:

- To provide greater levels of reliability to their customers

- Help to train staff more quickly and effectively

- Use remote working facilities to help update customers in real-time

How Utility AR answered that task was through their unique software technology and processes.

The Solution

Working closely with the CIX team, Utility AR identified the specific needs of the Data Centre and into how their scalable AR software could offer the right solutions for the company. The co-operative approach ensured staff buy in and a successful delivery of the project.


CIX improve their datacentre reliability by using UtilityAR’s Augmented Reality driven training systems. The technology allows staff to watch training videos while at critical equipment and so be better equipped to take action when needed.

Remote Eyes

It also allows them to offer their customers real-time remote viewing of their equipment in the event that the customers’ needs to troubleshoot their infrastructure. This brings greater transparency with customers, allowing for a better connection and a more long-term relationship with them.

The Results

The results of this partnership have allowed Cork Internet Exchange to become more agile in its approach to maintenance and servicing within its company. With clear cost benefits and a new leaner approach, Utility AR’s software is helping CIX achieve its goals of being at the forefront of innovation within its sector and allowing them to better connect with their customer by achieving remote viewing.

“UtilityAR technology enables us to deliver a resilient service so our customers have peace of mind and also it enables us to invite them into the building at critical times”

Jerry Sweeney,

Managing Director of CIX


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