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Which AR Headset is Best for Field Technicians?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Augmented Reality applications facilitate training and procedure following for field technicians. There are a variety of headsets suitable for industrial use. But which Augmented Reality headset is best for the field technicians?

UtilityAR software Remote Adviser allows onsite engineers to share what they are seeing with their office-based colleagues in real-time and so improve the service the company provides while reducing the need for multiple staff to travel to the site.

Read our review of different augmented reality headsets for industrial use.


ODG R-7 is a headset that clearly has been developed with industrial use in mind and it is a strong contender. It is tough, looks appropriate and has safety glass. ODGR7 is based on the Android platform so it will benefit from Google's ongoing investment in the space.


Epson B-300 was not designed with the industrial design in mind but it ticks many of the boxes we care about: cost-effective, robust and easy to use. It is an obvious choice for many.

The main drawback is the glass is not a safety glass. If it is important for your needs, you need to add a helmet mount adviser to glasses.

Vuzix M300

Vuzix M300 is a monopolar headset that allows the wearer maximum unimpaired vision and to use their own glasses or safety glasses without additional lenses. It is a rugged, Android-based wearable computer with an integrated high-resolution display.

UtilityAR software runs on any Augmented Reality headset. If you want to find out how Augmented Reality applications can help your business, email us at:


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